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biscuit machine

We firstly design products on solid modeling CAD software. After that we check for issues like difficulties in manufacturing parts, intersection of components and difficulties at assembly level. After all the issues are corrected we pass to grouping and sorting of the complex BOM list created automatically by CAD software. To make things simple with the BOM list we use a self developed excel script which groups parts to standard components, weldment / routing parts (pipe, profile, hose, HVAC, PPRC etc.), sheetmetal parts & manufacturing parts.

We use professional tools to make things happen efficient, fast and correct. We take care on quality, beauty, functionality while we design machines.

BOM list is an abbreviation of “bill of material” and it is fully customizable. It contains cells with data obtained from the custom properties of the parts. For standard parts custom properties can be supplier name, product code and quantity. For weldment / routing parts, manufacturing components and sheetmetal parts this information is dimensions, material type, supplier and quantity.

Generally machines are formed of standard components, weldment, routing, manufacturing parts and sheetmetal. Solidworks BOM table provides whole list of the components which needs to be processed. Separating and sorting of the components to topics will ease the work, reduce the mistakes and accelerate the manufacturing process. Video below shows the first step we do at AkayGAM Ltd. after a project design is completed.

Design and manufacturing of chocolate machine, biscuit machine & cake machine!

In order to provide our customers with the best service we use high quality certified materials & modern technologies. We also produce our machines in accordance with European machine safety norms (CE mark), low voltage directive and related standards!

Chocolate machine – Chocolate coating cabin!

Belt coaters are dragee-type chocolate panning machines. They are used to cover various centers with chocolate, yogurt, fat based syrup or chocolate-flavored compounds. Coating cabins are fully customizable machines and can be in different belt width.

  • Belt rotation diameter 1000 mm
  • Chassis made of stainless steel
  • Speed adjustable
  • Reversible main drive
chocolate machine
biscuit depositor

Biscuit machine – Centerfilled biscuit encrusting machine – VF serie!

Some of the cookie manufacturers are using rotary type ovens to bake products. VF serie biscuit extruders are specially designed for these manufacturers. Biscuit dough depositing line includes dough extruder, retractable tail conveyor and try conveyor.

  • Suitable for 400 x 600 trays
  • C frame chassis
  • Chassis made stainless steel
  • Vertical adjustment of depositor
  • Touchscreen
  • PLC controlled
  • Speed adjustable
  • Retractable tail conveyor

Chocolate machine – Chocolate depositor – CV serie!

We produce one-shot chocolate depositors as standalone equipment. They are mounted on C frame and have capability to move vertically. CV serie chocolate depositors are with traditional valve mechanism (common valve mechanism) which rotates pneumatically.

  • Touchscreen
  • PLC control
  • Vertical motion
  • Servo motors
  • 7000 serie aluminum alloy
  • Mounted on C frame
  • Easy callibration
  • Stainless steel chassis
chocolate machine
AkayGAM Ltd. company was founded in 1996 and since that time due to the attained experience and the projects performed for the international companies and manufacturers, which will to make a new step towards the automation, it became one of the leaders in the field of chocolate, biscuit, cake machines and lines production and design. As AkayGAM, we always put the needs of our customers on the first place when preparing our simple, complicated lines, product and customer oriented solutions. Our company, having a central office in Istanbul / Turkey, has designed and produced chocolate, biscuit and cake machines for many different companies using 1200 m² of production area in which 20 professionals work supported by CAD.