Chocolate machines, biscuit machines & cake machines manufacturer.

In order to provide our customers with the best service we use high quality certified materials, modern technologies. We also produce our machines in accordance with European machine safety norms (CE mark), low voltage directive and related standards.


The AkayGAM Ltd. company was founded in 1996 and since that time due to the attained experience and the projects performed for the international companies and manufacturers, which will to make a new step towards the automation, it became one of the leaders in the field of chocolate, biscuit, cake machines and lines production and design. As AkayGAM, we always put the needs of our customers on the first place when preparing our simple, complicated lines, product and customer oriented solutions. Our company, having a central office in Istanbul / Turkey, has designed and produced chocolate, biscuit and cake machines for many different companies using 1200 m² of production area in which 20 professionals work supported by CAD.

How chocolate, biscuit & cake are made?

We, the AkayGAM company, develope and manufacture preparation, forming, product feeding and packaging machines, which are used in chocolate, biscuit and cake production, and we are always ready to negotiate chocolate lines, feeding units, biscuit machinery, cake production lines with our old and new customers.

Our first priority is the customer. We are competitive. We are focused to the result.
We are first in quality. We succeed together. We get our strength from substitution.
To fulfill our responsibilities towards our employees, customers, the environment and the society. Ensuring the effectiveness and up-to-date modernity of our processes including our innovation activities.
To protect our leading position in the industry through innovation activities, operations and investments. To improve recognition and the reliability of our brand and our products continuously across the global markets.