Dough preparation

Powdered sugar mill

Pulverizing machines are used to grind granules of sugar into fine powder upto 50 micron for using in biscuit recipe. Our sugar grinding machine is equiped with dust collector, row material feeder and row material reservoir.

  • Chassis made of NPU painted steel.
  • Sugar reservoir made of stainless steel.
  • Grinding body made of ST37 painted steel.
  • Sugar grinding pins made of 16MnCr5.
  • Dust collection filters.
  • Screw type ready product takeoff unit made of stainless steel.
  • Row product feeding reservoir with valve and air channel made of stainless steel.
  • Main housing with water cooling.
  • Sugar slump grid.
  • Magnet to apprehend metals.
  • Fine powder ~50-80 micron.

Machine codePSM200PSM500PSM1000
Capacity200 kg./h500 kg./h1000 kg./h
Total power4kw.14kw.20kw.

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Fat melting tank

Butter melting tanks are made of stainless steel with water-jacketed heating. Reservoir can be cylindrical or rectangular which depends on customers request. Oil melting tank is equipped with hot water circulated serpentine. Thanks to oil transfer pump melted fat can be easily transferred to dough kneader.

  • Completely made of stainless steel AISI304 grade.
  • Water-jacketed, heat controlled rectangular reservoir.
  • Fat transfer pump.
  • Hot water circulated grid.
  • Water reservoir with resistance, thermostat and water pump.

Makina koduFMT200FMT500
Capacity200 lt.500 lt.
Reservoir heating power3kw.4kw.
Grid heating power3kw.3kw.
Oil pump power1.1kw.1.1kw.
Water pump power0.18kw.0.18kw.
Total power7.28kw.8.28kw.

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Dough kneader

Powdered sugar, melted fat, flour and other ingredients of cookies are kneaded in z type mixers.

  • Dough kneaders can be tilted up to 110°.
  • Hydraulic tilting mechanism.
  • To prevent any accident we use two button action so both hands are in safe position.
  • Water jacketed AISI304 grade stainless steel reservoir.
  • Heaters with ON/OFF thermostat are coupled to the reservoir.
  • Solenoid valve to open or close gate of cold water.

Machine codeZTM200ZTM500
Capacity200 lt.500 lt.
Total power11kw.30kw.