Enrobers & Decorating

Chocolate enrober

Enrobing machines are used to cover different products with chocolate. Covers thickness is related to air blowing force, vibration violence and to the rollers distance coupled at the bottom of reservoir. Enrobers are with drip prevention feature.

  • Water-jacketed chocolate or cuverture feeding reservoir.
  • Chassis made of stainless steel.
  • Closed loop water system; Water reservoir with resistance, thermostat and water pump.
  • Chocolate transfer pump.
  • Water-jacketed collecting reservoir with mixer.
  • Security cabinet is made of plexiglass.

Machine code EM400 EM600 EM800 EM1000
Wire mesh width 420 mm. 620 mm. 820 mm. 1020 mm.
Reservoir width 400 mm. 600 mm. 800 mm. 1000 mm.
Total power 4 kw. 4.5 kw. 6 kw. 7 kw.

Chocolate decorating machine

Designed for dripping thin chocolate lines over cake, biscuit or similar products.

  • Completely made of stainless steel.
  • Nozzle blockage elimination pins.
  • Any nozzle can be blocked by adjusting the high of pins.
  • PID controlled heating.
  • Speed adjustable.

Machine code DEC56
Capacity 56 pcs. nozzles
Total power 0.25kw.