Fat melting tank

Fat melting tank is made of stainless steel with water-jacketed heating. Reservoir can be cylindrical or rectangular which depends on customers request. Oil melting tank is equipped with hot water circulated serpentine. Thanks to oil transfer pump melted fat can be easily transferred to ball mill or dough kneader.

We use high quality materials and modern technologies while designing and manufacturing our products. We provide durable equipment for hard tasks.

  • Completely made of stainless steel AISI304 grade.
  • Water-jacketed, heat controlled rectangular reservoir.
  • Fat transfer pump.
  • Hot water circulated grid.
  • Water reservoir with resistance, thermostat and water pump.

Machine codeFMT50FMT100FMT200FMT500FMT1000

fat melting tank
fat melting tank
fat melting tank