Granola & muesli machines

Granola depositor

Granola depositor is designed for depositing unbaked granola to trays. Feeding & unloading of trays is manual. Thickness of deposited product is regulated by drum which is pneumatically actuated.

  • Encoder allows feeding of product more or less to any place of tray.
  • Chassis made stainless steel.
  • Product thickness can be regulated.
  • Product scattering to the ends of tray (rollers for juicy products & forks for dry products)

Machine codeGD
Reservoir capacity50lt.
Capacity8 trays / min.
Total power2.2kw.

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Granola cracking machine

This machine is used for cracking baked in trays granola or muesli . With vertical regulation of cracking rotor calibration easily can be adjusted.

  • Chassis made of stainless steel.
  • Block of granola feeding polyurethane conveyor.
  • Cracking device is made of stainless steel.
  • Star shaped cracking parts – ø180mm.
  • Bottom drum ø180 x 800mm.
  • 17° cracking unit.
  • Vertically adjustable cracking.
  • Cracked product take of polyurethane conveyor.

Machine codeGMCM
Capacity6 trays / min.
Total power2kw.

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