Hollow chocolate forming line – SCSF serie

Hollow chocolate forming line is used for manufacturing hollow moulded articles, e.g. easter chocolate eggs, easter chocolate bunnies etc.. Hollow-type chocolate production line spreads the chocolate over the surface of the mould using the centrifugal principle. Only book type moulds can be used on this line. The capacity of the easter egg chocolate (holow chocolate) production line is 5 mould/min. Our prodution range includes also manual type spinning machines.

We use high quality materials and modern technologies while designing and manufacturing our products. We provide durable equipment for hard tasks.

  • CV serie chocolate depositor.
  • Closed loop.
  • Cooling tunnel.
  • Mould opening & closing sections.
  • Mould heating.
  • Spinner.

Machine codeSCSF
Capacity5 moulds / min.
Mould dimensions290 x 380 with hinge

hollow chocolate forming line