Ball mill, chocolate machine designed for small sized manufacturers. Reservoir capacity is 50lt…

Depending of the milling process time, final product can reach 18 microns. Water jacketed reservoir. Machine is completely controlled by PLC & HMI. Chocolate ball refiner will open cold water gate and start cooling. External cool water must be connected to machine. Screw type pump is used for closed loop or transfer to storage tank. Recommended holding tank capacity for the ball mill machine is 100lt capacity. By rotating the top dripping pipe user can change the direction of the flow.

ball refiner

ball refiner


Machine code RBM50
Capacity 50lt.
Electrical cunsumption 7KW.
  • Completely made of stainless steel.
  • Water jacketed.
  • With heater and temperature control.
  • The dripping point with rotation possibility.
  • discharging point to buckets.
  • Screw type pump.
  • Arms are made of heat treated steel.
  • Automatically opening cold water gate.


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