Liquid cooling device

Auxiliary equipment for cooling purposes. Supplies cold water / liquid to ball mill refiner, forming drums of chocolate lentils forming line or heat exchanger which is used for caramel cooling while transferring to storage tank.


Technical features of CFW25

  • Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel.
  • Insulated with CFC free rubber 150lt. capacity water reservoir.
  • Centrifugal water pump.
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger. 1½" for liquid entrance threaded connection. 1¼" for gas circulation welded.
  • Condenser with 10HP hermetic compressor.
  • Used refrigerant type R404A.
  • Liquid temperature control.
  • Total power consumption 380V 8.5KW.

Technical drawing of CFW25


Designed for cooling purposes of ball mill refiners. Capable to be used as cooling device of chocolate lentils forming machinery. It cools liquid which is pumped to the water jacketed forming drums of the roller depositor. Equipment can supply cold liquid to two pairs of chocolate lentils forming drums. Chiller also can be used to supply cold water to caramel heat exchanger which device is used in caramel cooking plant.

Related equipment

Above are devices ball mill refiner, chocolate lentils forming machinery and heat exchanger to which the chiller can be coupled.


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