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Chocolate coating pan is used to cover various centers with fat based or water based liquids…

Blower and heater can be coupled to machine. CP serie pan is usually used for coating of high density products like; cocoa lentils, hazelnuts, pistachio and similar. Even CP serie device operates manually with additional equipment CPS100 process can be converted to automatic coating.

Pan is equipped with VFD (variable frequency drive) and its acceleration & deceleration time is tuned to protect sprockets inside the gearbox against damage. Pan axial rotation angle is constant and it is 25° for CP800, CP1000 and 30° for CP1200 pans. Painted black steel or stainless steel frame. Thanks to coupled VFD, pan rotation speed can be adjusted to required. Electrical panel is mounted on frame and control panel is easy to access and make adjustment.

We use high quality materials and modern technologies while designing and manufacturing our products. We provide durable equipment for hard tasks.

chocoate coating pan


Machine codeCP800CP1000CP1200
Electrical consumption1.1KW.1.5KW.2.2KW.
  • Black steel painted chassis.
  • If required stainless steel chassis.
  • Speed adjustable.
  • Blower.
  • Air flow rate adjustable.
  • Air heating.


coating pan dimensions