Storage tank is twin-shell stainless steel reservoir with a blender. Water inside a twin-shell coat, ensures heating and keeping a temperature of chocolate mass constant. Chocolate reservoirs are used to store the liquid chocolate. Chocolate is kept in vessels at a constant temperature and is stirred regularly to prevent fats separating from solids. Side and bottom surface scraping of inner wall are standard features.

We use high quality materials and modern technologies while designing and manufacturing our products. We provide durable equipment for hard tasks.

çikolata stok tankı


Machine code ST100 ST200 ST500 ST1000 ST1500 ST2000
Capacity 100lt. 200lt. 500lt. 1000lt. 1500lt. 2000lt.
Electrical consumption 4KW. 5KW. 8KW. 10KW. 10KW. 10KW.
  • Teflon scrappers prevents bonding of chocolate mass to inner wall of the vessel.
  • Completely made of stainless steel, double jacketed reservoir with resistance
  • Isolation shell with isolation material (glass wool) inside to elicit power saving.
  • Inner and outer bottom sheets are torispherical.
  • Side and bottom scraping feature.
  • Dish end type.
  • Chocolate pump 2″.


chocolate storage tank