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Encrusting machine is a depositor used for producing center filled cookies…

The new generation center filled co-encrusting machine designed for manufacturers using tunnel ovens for baking. Thanks to transverse feature, optimized row distance achieves higher capacity. Used oven tunnel for baking must be with sheet metal belt or CB5 articulated wire mesh belt, other types of belts may break the dough shell & may cause leak of center filling.

We also produce center filled biscuit machines (VF serie) for rotary ovens.

We use high quality materials and modern technologies while designing and manufacturing our products. We provide durable equipment for hard tasks.

centerfilled cookie encrusting machine

centerfilled cookie encruster


Machine codeBEM3-6-TVSBEM3-6BEM3-12-TVSBEM3-8BEM3-16-TVS
Tünel belt width400mm800mm800mm1000mm1000mm
Electrical consumption6KW.7KW.7KW.8KW.8KW.
  • Chassis is made of stainless steel.
  • PLC & HMI controlled.
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Depositor body is made of 7000 serie aluminum alloy.


centerfilled biscuit machine

centerfilled biscuit machine