Chocolate depositor with mold conveyor

Chocolate molding machine is equipment to produce molded center filled chocolates. Crunch feeding device, second depositor can be added to line.


Technical features of NGOSD16SV-ML

  • Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel, engineering plastics and aluminum.
  • PID controlled dry heating elements.
  • Chocolate depositor with servo driven vertical motion.
  • Chocolate suction / outpouring controlled by servo motors.
  • Chain conveyor with mold feeder, mold heater and vibration.
  • All variables can be adjusted on HMI, no need for mechanical adjustment.
  • Required min. number of polycarbonate molds is 500pcs.
  • Polycarbonate mold dimensions 175 x 275.
  • Production capacity 200 - 500kg./h.
  • Total power consumption 380V 10KW.

Technical drawing of NGOSD16SV-ML


The capacity of the chocolate molding machine depends of the outpoured weight per shot, speed adjustments of the depositing and conveying. Capacity may vary between 200 - 500kg./h. Equipment can perform maximum 20 shots per minute. Designed for medium-sized chocolate manufacturers. Cooling tunnel is with rod or modular belt conveyor so the product can be cooled equally from top and bottom. Chocolate cooling tunnel is mounted vertically to the polycarbonate mould flow of the molding line.

Chocolate molding machine is specially designed for center filled (fat based center filling) molded chocolate manufacturing. Single working style of depositing is installed inside the PLC. As the depositor is one-shot type, using crushed nuts or crunche are not allowed.

Auxiliary equipment

Ball mill is required for the refining process of the chocolate ingredinets. Storage tank is equipment to hold chocolate in homogenuous and liquid condition, it is used to feed the tempering machine which will form the cristal structure of the chocolate. Decrystallization tube is used to break the cristal structure of tempered chocolate at the bypass line.


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