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The liquid chocolate mass is poured from the stage controlled feeding unit between the cooled drums of roller depositor. Due to the holes on the surface of the cooled drums liquid chocolate is formed. The chocolate dragee forming machine is designed especially for chocolate, which is coated with sugar on the final stage of the production. Chocolate form depends on the holes on the surface of the drums. Specially designed surface of the drums is cooled by means of cooling agent, the chocolate mass passing the drums obtains the shape but it is in the form of net, the solid product in the form of net is transported to the crust cracker, where the crusts are cracked and the dragee form is gained.

Depending on the capacity, there are two types of the chocolate dragee forming machine: with drum dimensions of 400mm (100 kg/h) and 600mm (150 kg/h). The production is divided into three main types (depending on the holes of the drum): 8, 12 and 20mm.

We use high quality materials and modern technologies while designing and manufacturing our products. We provide durable equipment for hard tasks.

chocolate forming rollers


Machine codeRD400RD600RD600x2RD600x3
Electrical consumption3KW.3KW.4.5KW.6KW.
  • Speed adjustable.
  • Completely made of stainless steel water jacketed forming drums.
  • Rotary joints to feed antifreeze.
  • Product transfer conveyor to web removing device.
  • Movable chassis.
  • Web removing drum made of stainless steel AISI304 grade.
  • Chiller unit.
  • Automatic product feeding collector. (optional)


roller depositor