Chocolate machine to form hollow chocolate items

Main component of the chocolate spinner line is mold rotating section. It allows spreading the chocolate over the surface of the mould.


Technical features of HFFL

  • Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel, aluminum and engineering plastics.
  • Cooling tunnel with modular belt.
  • Mould transfer sections.
  • Mold heating unit.
  • Mold opening section.
  • Chocolate depositor.
  • Mold closing section.
  • Chocolate spinning section.
  • Mold opening section.
  • Free space to feed capsules.
  • Mold closing section.
  • Production capacity upto 5 moulds/min.
  • Molds can be used 290 x 380 book type with hinges.
  • Minimum required mold 300 pcs.
  • Total power consumption 380V 20KW.

Technical drawing of HFFL


Spinning machine is an automatic chocolate forming line used for manufacturing hollow moulded chocolate articles, e.g. easter eggs, easter bunnies etc. Rotating device of the line spreads the chocolate over the surface of the mould. It fulfills the spreading by spinning of the mold arround itself and spinning arround the spreading device. Only book type moulds can be used on this line. The capacity of the easter egg chocolate (hollow chocolate) production line is 5 molds per minute.

Auxiliary equipment

Ball mill is required for the refining process of the chocolate ingredients. Storage tank is equipment to hold chocolate in homogenuous and liquid condition, it is used to feed the tempering machine which will form the cristal structure of the chocolate. Decrystallization tube is used to break the cristal structure of tempered chocolate at the bypass line.


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