Sigma mixer kneader

Single or double arm water jacketed horizontal mixers with tilting mechanism. Rotation upto 110° is performed by hydraulic tilting mechanism.


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Sigma mixer for small workshops, laboratories or medium-sized manufacturers.

Technical features of DAZM50

  • Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel.
  • Water jacketed reservoir with PID controlled self heating element.
  • Hard chrome coated or stainless steel sigma arms.
  • Hydraulic tilting mechanism.
  • Top lid with gas spring or pneumatic cylinder.
  • Row material loading capacity 50lt.
  • Total power consumption 220V 3KW.

Technical drawing of DAZM50


Z kneaders are horizontal type mixing devices. Rotation forward up to 110 degrees is performed by hydraulic tilting mechanism. Single arm z kneaders are suitable for hard biscuit dough, cookies, crackers, tortillas, stiff fillings and pet foods. Double arm z kneaders are suitable for many applications such as mixing and kneading different kind of dough like soft biscuit dough, cake dough, different creams and fillings.

Auxiliary equipment

Chiller is to supply cold water required for some of the kneaden processes.