mini chocolate moulding enrobing line

Chocolate molding line with enrobing feature!

Depending of the output capacity the chocolate molding line with enrobing feature has 2 options 50kg/h and 100kg/h. The combined chocolate line is chocolate machine which has been designed for small to medium sized manufacturers. Chocolate machine ‘s completely servo motor controlled.

  • PLC & HMI controlled.
  • Completely made of stainless steel, engineering plastics & 7000 serie aluminum.
  • Speed adjustable.
  • Different filling methods.
  • Moulding.
  • Enrobing.
  • Combined with polyurethane belt multi storey cooling tunnel.

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Center filled dough extruder – VF serie!

Some of the cookie manufacturers are using rotary type ovens to bake products. VF serie biscuit extruder is biscuit machine which is specially designed for these manufacturers. Biscuit dough depositing line includes dough extruder, retractable tail conveyor and try conveyor.

  • Suitable for 400 x 600 trays.
  • U type frame.
  • Completely made of stainless steel, engineering plastics & 7000 serie aluminum.
  • Vertical adjustment of the depositor head.
  • Touchscreen
  • PLC controlled
  • Speed adjustable
  • Product feeding conveyor
centerfilled cookie encruster
belt type chocolate engrossing machine

Chocolate coating cabin!

Belt coater is dragee-type chocolate panning machine. It is used to cover various centers with chocolate, yogurt, fat based syrup or chocolate-flavored compounds. Coating cabin is fully customizable chocolate machines and can be in different belt width.

  • Side disks 1000mm
  • Frame made of stainless steel
  • Speed adjustable
  • Reverse main drive

We use quality materials and up-to-date technologies to provide the best service to our customers, we also produce our machines in accordance with European machine safety norms (CE mark), Low voltage directive and related standards!

Chocolate depositor CV serie!

We produce one-shot chocolate depositors as standalone equipment. They are mounted on C frame and have capability to move vertically. CV serie chocolate depositors are with traditional valve mechanism (common valve mechanism) which rotates pneumatically.

  • Touchscreen
  • PLC controlled
  • Easy variable parameter adjustment
  • Operations executed by servo motors
  • Valve body made of 7000 serie aluminum
  • Mounted on C frame
  • Vertical motion
  • Frame made of stainless steel
drop chocolate depositor