Melting tanks for chocolate drops, chips or cuverture melting and liquid storage

Chocolate melting tank we produce is made of AISI304 grade stainless steel. It is with PID controlled heating element. Continuous mixing and ON/OFF mixing, both are allowed. Rotation speed of the agitator can be adjusted.

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Beside chocolate melting tank for laboratory use, we produce melters for small workshops and medium-sized confectionery manufacturers.


Technical features of CMT1000

  • Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel.
  • Cylindrical reservoir.
  • Melting tank is on stainless steel frame.
  • Water jacketed insulated with glass wool insulation.
  • Autoclave heaters.
  • Heaters are not in direct contact with water.
  • PID controlled heating.
  • Speed adjustable agitator.
  • Possibility to mix continuous or to work on ON / OFF regime.
  • Magnet filter with sieve.
  • Stainless steel lobe type pump.
  • Row material loading capacity 1000lt. (1300kg.)
  • Total power consumption 380V 12.7KW.

Technical drawing of CMT1000


Chocolate melting tank we produce is cylindrical type. It is water jacketed with PID controlled heating element. Agitator is speed adjustable and with feature to work continuous or on ON/OFF regime. Water inside a twin-shell coat ensures heating and keeping temperature of chocolate mass constant. Chocolate melting tank is used to melt solid chocolate and store the liquid chocolate in constant temperature and homogenous structure.

Melt your chocolate drops, chocolate chips or cuvertures in water jacketed reservoirs completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel. Melter is with side wall and bottom scrapers. Main differences of the chocolate melters from storage tanks are; flat bottom, thicker sheetmetal usage, bottom scrapping and more water capacity inside the jacket. Melters can be used as storage tanks as well, however storage tanks are only for liquid chocolate storage.

Related equipment

In case melting tank is going to be used also as storage tank, preventing of thermal fluctuations inside the chocolate melting tank which may occur because of bypassing tempered chocolate back to melting tank is required. Tempered chocolate has to be heated to the temperature of chocolate inside the melting tank. Use decrystallization tube for the heat exchanging purpose. Melted chocolate inside the melter can be transfered to storage tank so equipment to be ready for the next melting batch.


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