Our company was established in 1996. With central office located in Istanbul/Turkey, having 20 skilled specialists, CAD supported manufacturing and using 1200m² of production area the company has designed and produced chocolate machines, biscuit and cake production lines for many clients. As AkayGAM LLC, we develop and produce preparation and forming machines that are used in confectionery manufacturing.

We use finest quality materials and up-to-date technologies. We produce equipment resistant to hard conditions.

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First of all, we develop our chocolate machines and other equipment with help of solid modelling software. After that we examine the parts and look for the difficulties we may face while manufacturing them, possible problems with part intersections and challenges that may occur during their mounting. When the process of examination is finished the necessary corrections are performed. Afterwards, all of the part codes the project contains along with other specifications (BOM list provided by CAD software) are transferred to the excel environment. Due to the script we’ve developed in Excel all of the parts get separated into certain groups and arranged in certain order automatically. Generally, all parts of a machine are separated into 4 main groups; these are standard parts, sheet metal parts, weldment /routing parts (pipe, profile, HVAC, PPRC etc.) and production parts.

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In order to facilitate our purchasing process and to prevent any mistakes, we do not only separate parts into groups by means of the script but also arrange them in certain order according to certain criteria such as sheet metal thickness or name of the supplier. By watching the video you may examine the first operation we follow as AkayGAM LLC after the completion of a design. As AkayGAM LLC we use professional tools to perform the tasks effectively, quickly and accurately. When designing chocolate machine, we pay attention to quality, functionality and visuality. BOM is an abbreviation that means “bill of materials”. It looks like a list and it is fully customizable. It provides a great convenience in material tracking and purchasing. It also helps to follow-up the operations quickly, accurately and easily. However, it is not enough when alone. A strong standard part library is needed. We have been continuously improving and updating our standard part library for 20 years. Besides, a part code of each part must be embedded into supplier data. Our flexibility and ability to follow design, procurement and manufacturing processes in a professional, easy and accurate way are what distinguish us from other manufacturers.


In the design and production process section, a statement was made based on the smallest unit (parts) in the machines. However, by combining the parts are formed the groups; by combining the groups are formed the machines. Another issue that we pay attention to as AkayGAM LLC is to ensure the easiness of assembling and disassembling of the machine components; for this reason, we split a machine into different groups while designing it. Thus, we provide a great convenience in situations that require disassembling (loading or maintenance). No matter how much we consider the height issue during the design process, in some projects it still may cause problems. When being loaded into container or in situations when the maintenance is required, some of the groups the machine consist of may need to be disassembled.


On the subject of programming and usage we show the same accuracy as in design, procurement and production. Our user is provided with as much changeable parameters as possible, so that the operation of the machines is not limited. In HMI design we use orange, blue / red and green cells. Each cell contains its description.

  • Orange cells stand for changeable parameters.
  • Blue cells stand for inactive buttons.
  • Red cells stand for active buttons.
  • Green cells are used for instructions.

For sample screen design, please check the pictures adjacently.


User Manual is an element that complements the topics mentioned above. One of our goals is an ability of our customers to operate purchased products without needing any help from the manufacturer. For User Manual sample, please click the button below.



Another point we pay attention to when exporting our products is that our customers should be provided with an opportunity to clear goods through customs at once and without any problems. For this purpose we supply our customers not only with movement certificate but also prepare and send some other certificates.


Manufacturer of confectionery machines. Chocolate machine, biscuit machine and cake machine.

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