Double or single color hazelnut spread filling machine

Dry heated reservoirs with mixers, dry heated matrix, pneumatic suction and outpouring, servo driven vertical motion. Easy adjustment of filling volume.


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We produce single or double color spread filling machines for small workshops and medium-sized confectionery manufacturers.


Technical features of TTSCF100

  • Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel, aluminum and engineering plastics.
  • Table top single color spread filling machine.
  • Reservoir capacity 100kg.
  • Product level sensor.
  • Step motor or servo motor driven gear pump. (max. 100m3/h capacity.)
  • Load cell unit for accurate weight control.
  • Protected against cold start.
  • Dry heated reservoir is with agitation.

Technical drawing of TTSCF100

Technical features of SCF1

  • Completely made of AISI304 grade stainless steel, aluminum and engineering plastics.
  • 2 hoppers for each color.
  • Product level sensors.
  • Servo motor driven vertical motion.
  • Servo motor driven twisting mechanism.
  • Protected against cold start.
  • Heated reservoirs with mixing feature.
  • Easy filling volume adjustment.
  • Modular jar conveyor.
  • Jar feeding table.
  • Capacity 7 jars/min.
  • Jar take off table.

Technical drawing of SCF1


Chocolate spread depositor is with servo motor driven vertical motion and pneumatic suction / outporing. It is with PID controlled dry heating elements. Heaters are 24V for safety reasons. Contains 2 hoppers with mixers. Filling volume is easy to adjust. Modular belt conveyor, jar feeding table and take-off table can be assembled to depositor.

TTSCF100 is praline filling machine with gear pump and assembled load cell which allows accurate outpouring. Equipment also can be used as chocolate melting and chocolate storage machine.

Auxiliary equipment

Ball mill is required for the refining process of the chocolate spread ingredinets. Storage tank is equipment to hold chocolate in homogenuous and liquid condition, it is used to feed the spread cream filling machine.


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